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Russ Key

Hi everyone. This is my first FireFox extension so I hope to learn more about XUL, JS, CSS, DOM and other technologies used for writing extensions as I develop it. It looks like this is also a good time for me to learn the w3c compliant XHTML.

The Russian speakers will notice the word-play on the extension name. 'RussKey' in Russian sounds like 'Russkij', which actually means 'Russian'.

Short-term goals for the Russ Key extension

Here are some of the long-term goals that I hope to achieve once I understand the extension technology better

Enough for now.

Here you can add your comments, ask me questions. I will monitor the activity in the forum so please, do not abuse, or the forum will have to be deactivated. No ads please, no excessive swearing, no offtopic discussions.

The russkey project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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