Resume - Denis Mironenko
Denis Mironenko
Employment Objective

A permanent position that would employ the entire spectrum of my skills in software development.

Work Experience

2002 Feb-Present Avema Corporation

Advanced Vendor Management project for Avema Corporation. This product allows clients to automatically audit their telecom bills, display various reports based on their invoices and alert users if invoices contained discrepancies with the system. The project produced high interest in clients and outperformed competition in almost every aspect of telecom bill management.

Project is based on 3 tier architecture. I am responsible for design and implementation of parts of application. During my work on this project I have acquired extensive experience in development of all 3 tiers of the application using technologies listed below.

  • Researched and evaluated various technologies that became foundation for our business implementations. These technologies ranged from design patterns (business objects, business delegates and data access objects) to frameworks (Jakarta Struts, JUnit) and presentation technologies (JSP, XMLC and DHTML).
  • Gathered detailed business requirements by studying the process of auditing phone bills.
  • Designed high level architecture and frameworks, defined specific use-cases to be implemented in the system.
  • Designed system's file hierarchy structure. Organized files based on their logical function in the system.
  • Participated in design of logical and physical data model. Defined entity relationships for the core of the application, which is implementation of invoice hierarchy. Defined entities dealing with the rest of the system's functionality including equipment inventory, user directory, alert system and general ledgers.
  • Designed and developed large portions of each tier in the project. Worked on following:
    • Presentation layer with the Struts framework - developed JSP 1.2 based pages. Designed HTML produced by JSP to conform to XHTML 1.0 standard. Used JavaScript 1.5 and CSS to create some of more complicated controls on web page, such as application menu. Developed form beans and action classes that were used in Struts framework as interface between business tier and JSP based presentation tier.
    • Presentation layer with the Enhydra XMLC technology. Designed HTML pages to conform to XHTML 1.0 standard. Used JavaScript 1.5 and CSS to create some of more complicated controls on web page, such as edit general ledger allocations page. Developed Java objects as interface between business tier and presentation tier.
    • Business layer - developed components based on business delegate, list handler, form handler and business object validation patterns.
    • Data layer - developed data tier components based on Enhydra DODS technology.
    • Data layer - developed data tier components based on Data Access Object (DAO) pattern.
    • Developed SQL statements for every use case that needed to be implemented.
  • Participated in every aspect of designing and developing the application:
    • Developed inventory and user tracking systems.
    • Developed number of financial reports (usage and cost based).
    • Worked on portions of the alert mechanism. This portion of the application is an asynchronous stand-alone subsystem. Alert setup allows users to define types of alerts to be raised and the alert triggering conditions.
    • Worked on data conversions for CVS, XML and PDF files for the data importer.

1999-2001 Harbourfront Center

  • Provided technical support to the system users, trained users.
  • Solved software and hardware problems for legacy systems. Built new computers from spare parts.
  • Set up small office networks by analyzing requirements and creating solutions based on my analysis.

2000-2001 Seneca College

Earned a computer programmer degree.

During my studies at Seneca I have designed and implemented applications of various degrees of difficulty, these include a multithreaded chat server with message queues and notification services and a multithreaded chat client. This application was implemented to use both pull and push technologies. Created applications that collected data over the Internet or other networks, applied business rules on the data and used the database for persistence.

I have also studied systems development techniques, such as SDLC. I went through first three stages of SDLC, Planning, Design and Analysis. I worked in a group to create a final Analysis for a case study that was given to us in class. Another part of the program was developing and working with databases. Using Normalization Rules I had to produce normalized ER models. Used Oracle 8i, Microsoft Access and MySQL databases.

1999-2000 University of Toronto

Studied at the faculty of Computer Science.

1998-1999 University of Toronto

Studied at the faculty of Engineering


Available Upon Request

Details of my skills.

Versions Last used Years of experience
Programming Languages
Java1.2, 1.3, 1.4Present3.6
CSS1, 2, PPresent3.6
CANSI-ISO, Classic19990.5
UNIX scriptingksh, bash20011
PL/SQL2002, Present0.9
Internet Technologies
HTML3.x, 4.xPresent5.6
ASP VBScript3.020010.5
Application Servers
Tomcat3.x, 4.x20043.6
BEA WebLogic8.120040.4
PostgresSQL7.3, 7.420042.5
Testing frameworks
Design and programming tools
Visual Cafe3, 420010.5
Design and Development Standards
XML1.0, DOM, SAX20020.5
UMLRational Rose20010.5
Operating Systems
WindowsNT4.0, 2000, 98, 95, 3.11, 3.0Present9.6
LinuxRed Hat, Caldera, Slackware,
SUSE, Gentoo

Денис Мироненко

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