Development Setup

Use the following procedure to setup a uniform development environment:

  1. I use java/ant for builds, so install jre or jdk.
  2. Install ant, set ANT_HOME environment variable and add ant/bin to the Path environment variable, so you can run ant from command line.
  3. Visit the mozillazine knowledge base and set the FireFox environment to allow debugging messages in the console, etc.
  4. Follow this procedure to make sure you can open FireFox with a console running, so you will be able to see the 'dump' messages.
  5. Setup a cvs client, check this page for cvs settings.
  6. Download the latest source from the source tree.
  7. Find the '' file under the 'russkey' folder, you will need to modify one property: 'extension_dir'. Set it to wherever the extension's 'chrome' directory is stored on your system (use forward slashes as path seperators only.) For example on a windows machine this line could look like this:
  8. In the 'russkey' folder create a new executable script file such as 'make.bat' or '' for example that contains the following line: ant update. When you run 'update' target from the build.xml, the russkey.jar file in the extension chrome directory will be updated with the new one from your current source. This means that in order to test your source, you can just close the browser, run the make script to update the russkey.jar file and then open the browser.

Now you can be sure you are working within a uniform environment with the other developers on this project. For editing you can use java/Eclipse plugin environment with this Javascript plugin.

Obviously you can skip this process and create your own build scripts, here is a zip tool that can be used from command line.

Useful reference links:

The russkey project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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