I used to have my own site around 1995-1998 but I guess I just was too busy to maintain it properly, so for now I will just have this page here until I decide to actually have my own separate internet address.
Here is my resume and a detailed CV if you are interested to find out anything about the last 10 years of my work-life history.

In my other 'free' time I am working on a 3D printer, which at this point is able to move in 3D but only plots in 2D (my chemistry skills need some improvement.) But it is a fun project for me, even though I have already spent 8K CAD on it and it is not even as good as real 2D printers, but then again, it is the fun of making the thing that counts :) and it is a great learning experience for me in terms of electronics design.
I may eventually release the schematics of the electronics and the software (Atmel Assembler and Java code,) that makes the thing tick into the wild If I decide it is a good idea, but not at this time yet. In any case if you would like to participate in any of my projects send me a line at
Thanks everyone,

Роман Мироненко

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